Rank System:

Rank Description Permissions* Advancement**
War Chief  This member has the final say in most guild related decisions, but his decisions can be challenged by Warlords, Advisors, and Commanders.

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This rank is reserved the guild leader. Should the leader stand down, he can appoint another member to this position.
 Warlord This is the highest rank that a member can attain and gains all the rights of the War Chief. Only the most loyal and highly active members will reach this rank.

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Direct promotion by War Chief
 Advisor Assigned to members who have proven themselves to be an oustanding asset to the guild both in-game and on the forums. Advisors are given almost full control over in-game guild features. 

Forum Moderator 

Treasure Trove Withdraw

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Three months of active membership as Commander
Exceptional activity on the forums 

 Commander Assigned to members who have the qualities of a leader. Commanders have shown to be capable of taking charge in leading groups through WvW, sPvP, and dungeons.

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Mumble Officer 

Two months of active membership as Elite
Exceptional activity on Mumble

 Elite This rank is given to members who have gone above and beyond to represent the guild and help out our members. Elite members are given the ability to promote lower ranking members up to the rank of Veteran. The decision of an Elite member can only be overruled when contested by higher ranking members.

Can Request Guild Trove Withdrawals 

Activate Built Upgrades

Two months of active membership with rank Veteran
Minimum 25 Forum Posts 
 Veteran These members represent the core of the guild. Veteran will be assigned to players who have had some influence on the guild. Veteran members will be given priority over Loyals, Recruits, and Scrubs in all guild disputes.

Claim/Unclaim WvW Forts

Guild Stash Withdraw

One month of active membership with rank Loyal
Has read Guild Rules 

 Loyal The rank will be held by most members. Loyals will have access to all the most basic perks that are offered by the guild.

Display Guild Emblem

Can Request Guild Stash Withdrawals 

Player has been a Recruit for one week
Has worn guild tags at all times during this period
Added character to Roster on the site 
 Recruit This rank is assigned to new members. A recruit's guild membership can be stripped by any member ranked Veteran or higher.

 Treasure Trove Deposit

Player has membership both in-game and on the website
 Scrub All new members will temporarily be assigned as Scrubs. This rank has no priveledges. Guild Stash Deposit New members are admitted here

*A rank's permissions include the permissions assigned to ranks below it. 
**A member must have logged into the website within a week of receiving a promotion. Even if eligible, a member's promotion will be withheld until the last login date is current. 


Special Ranks:

Spy - This rank will have permissions and requirements equivalent to Veteran and will be assigned to members who play on different servers. This is the highest rank attainable by members who do not play on Darkhaven.

Goner - Members who have been inactive for one month without notifying anyone will be changed to this rank. If they do not return within two more weeks they will be removed from the guild. 
Also assigned to members who have not visited the website in one one month. This strips them of all permissions but is returned as soon as they visit the website again.