As members of the Darkhaven Elite, we are all part of a thriving community of players whose main goal is to have fun while playing Guild Wars 2. These rules have been developed with members' game satisfaction in mind. Since we are a forever evolving guild, our rules will change with the needs of our members. Consequently, all of the below rules are subject to change and new rules may be added. We expect that all members have common sense and adhere to the unwritten rules such as being polite and respectful or using the search feature of the forums before starting a new thread. The rules listed here are more specific and concrete, and apply to things that members would actually normally do. We believe that having everyone follow all of the rules outlined below will improve the gaming experience for all our members.

1. No Scamming, Cheating, Hacking, or Botting.

 Our goal is to have fun and enjoy this gem of a game the way it is meant to be enjoyed. We pride ourselves in playing clean, and while not only can questionable activities get you banned, they also hurt our guild's reputation.

2. Members will always be given priority for Dungeon spots. 

In order to ensure that all members get to do dungeon runs, we require that if there are two or more candidates for the last dungeon slot, members of DHE be given priority over non-members at all times, even if the non-member is more experienced. This rule enables our members to become more experienced themselves.

3. Darkhaven Elite Membership is Exclusive.

Although this feature is available in Guild Wars 2 and we are free to join other guilds, Darkhaven Elite members will not represent other guilds. Representing other guilds takes away from the community aspect that we strive to maintain in our guild. Contact an officer to discuss exceptions.


4. Forum Activity is Mandatory

Members will periodically log into forums to check out the latest guild news and discussions. Prolonged failure to log-in may be cause for removal from the guild.  If you will be unable to log-in for a prolonged time (Vacation, other commitments) then please let us know.


5.  TeamSpeak Ability

Members should download the TS3 client.  This is vitally important for large Guild Missions and activities.  It is not mandatory that you are on TS every time you play, or even that you speak (Though after you get on a bit, you'll find it is fun and where a lot of the Guild Action happens!)


Repeated failure to adhere to any of the above rules may result in a demotion or removal from the guild.